The First Place to Check with Production Received Problems

Proactive Discovery Series | Productions Received Explainer   A long-awaited production lands on your desk. You hand it off to the tech team for loading and analysis, but when the data are released for review, you notice that something isn’t right. Emails with attachments don’t seem to have any document family, or there are no Custodian values… Read More

By Pete James, Managing Director, Computer Forensics at Precision Discovery, Inc. It’s not often that computer forensics enters the discourse of presidential politics, but if you’ve been paying attention to the race, you may have heard mention of BleachBit, a tool that reportedly was used to delete email files from Hillary Clinton’s email server. Several… Read More

Importance of Data Processing in eDiscovery

By Jeff Hudson and Kinny Chan, Precision Discovery Broadly speaking, there are four steps to compiling evidence in the eDiscovery lifecycle: data collection/preservation, data processing, and data review/analysis and production. Coming after collection and preservation, data processing is often the unnoticed step compared to more talked-about technologies like Technology Assisted Review (TAR). It is however,… Read More