Selecting a Managed Review firm

Managed Review can be costly – know what to look for By whatever name you know it – managed review, attorney review, discovery review or managed document review – it’s often a critically important part of the discovery process. It also can be the most expensive part, comprising as much as 70% of your litigation… Read More

File Wipers: Is All Lost? Not Quite

After my last post on BleachBit I received additional questions about wiped data. Since many of our investigations involve deleted data, the question often turns to proving or disproving spoliation, the destruction of evidence. On a Windows system, when a file is deleted with the delete button, it is placed in the Recycle Bin where… Read More

A smarter approach to Managed Review

  What is Managed Review? Despite all the advances in eDiscovery technology, there are times when technology alone can’t do the job – you need people to manually review and analyze documents to identify those that are relevant to the legal matter at hand. That’s the process of managed review – also known as document… Read More