Building a Production is Like Baking a Cake

What You Need to Know about Building and Changing Productions Finally! The review is done and the production is built, but WAIT! One more person wants to run “a few searches as a quick QC”. And now everyone involved in finalizing and building the production holds their breath hoping nothing changes. Why? Review and production… Read More

Simple Tips to Avoid Headaches and Delays in Document Productions

You’ve collected the data, you’ve reviewed the data, you’re ready to make a production, but your vendor or litigation support department keeps hounding you with questions. “Just produce it!” you want to scream, but you can’t. Here’s a primer on how to avoid the back and forth and back and forth so your production gets… Read More

Selecting a Managed Review firm

Managed Review can be costly – know what to look for By whatever name you know it – managed review, attorney review, discovery review or managed document review – it’s often a critically important part of the discovery process. It also can be the most expensive part, comprising as much as 70% of your litigation… Read More

File Wipers: Is All Lost? Not Quite

After my last post on BleachBit I received additional questions about wiped data. Since many of our investigations involve deleted data, the question often turns to proving or disproving spoliation, the destruction of evidence. On a Windows system, when a file is deleted with the delete button, it is placed in the Recycle Bin where… Read More

A smarter approach to Managed Review

  What is Managed Review? Despite all the advances in eDiscovery technology, there are times when technology alone can’t do the job – you need people to manually review and analyze documents to identify those that are relevant to the legal matter at hand. That’s the process of managed review – also known as document… Read More

Thoughts of Cubs, Baseball and Being Proactive

By Kinny Chan, Chief Customer Officer, Precision Discovery Even though I live in New York, I’ll admit that I breathed a sigh of relief and let out a cheer as I watched the Cubs defeat the Indians in the remarkable game seven of this year’s World Series. How could you not be happy for the… Read More

How Your Requests for Production Are Inadequate – And You May Not Even Know It

Proactive Discovery Series | Requests for Productions By Jeremy Applebaum Technology is changing rapidly and the days of simply requesting emails and documents, however thoughtfully and broadly defined, are long gone. When requesting “documents,” what you are really requesting are communications. So if “documents” are all that you are asking for in your Requests for Production… Read More

The First Place to Check with Production Received Problems

Proactive Discovery Series | Productions Received Explainer   A long-awaited production lands on your desk. You hand it off to the tech team for loading and analysis, but when the data are released for review, you notice that something isn’t right. Emails with attachments don’t seem to have any document family, or there are no Custodian values… Read More

By Pete James, Managing Director, Computer Forensics at Precision Discovery, Inc. It’s not often that computer forensics enters the discourse of presidential politics, but if you’ve been paying attention to the race, you may have heard mention of BleachBit, a tool that reportedly was used to delete email files from Hillary Clinton’s email server. Several… Read More

Importance of Data Processing in eDiscovery

By Jeff Hudson and Kinny Chan, Precision Discovery Broadly speaking, there are four steps to compiling evidence in the eDiscovery lifecycle: data collection/preservation, data processing, and data review/analysis and production. Coming after collection and preservation, data processing is often the unnoticed step compared to more talked-about technologies like Technology Assisted Review (TAR). It is however,… Read More