Light it Up! Understanding the Format and Specifications of a Production

Proactive Discovery Series | Productions Received | Part 1 Document and data exchange in discovery is typically a two-way street: both sides are obligated to produce records to each other. Yet most eDiscovery blog posts, help articles and industry-marketing attention have focused on the processes used by the producing party to sift through massive amounts… Read More

Facts About Internal Intellectual Property Theft

70% of Intellectual Property (IP) theft happens in the 30 days before an employee announces their resignation.i, ii Employees have admitted to stealing customer contact lists and emails, customer data, internal human resources and employee records, marketing data, and business and financial information. And the main reason an employee does this is to help them… Read More

ESI, Electronic Discovery and Computer Forensics

Once a Litigation Hold has been issued, both parties in a legal matter or investigation are, of course, prohibited from destroying any documents or electronically stored information (ESI) that might be pertinent to the matter at hand. Still, ESI does have an uncanny knack for disappearing. It isn’t always a deliberate attempt to destroy evidence;… Read More

Understanding the insider threat to information security - Part II

Part 2: An expert’s perspective In the first of this two-part series, we discussed the threat that malicious insiders – often employees who are tendering their resignations – pose to your most valuable information assets. In this second installment, Pete James, a digital forensics examiner and expert in Intellectual Property theft with more than 25… Read More

IP Theft – Understanding The Insider Threat To Information Security

Part 1: How an e-discovery firm can help prevent the theft of your most valuable information assets In this, the first of a two-part series, we’ll discuss the threat that malicious insiders – often employees who are tendering their resignations – pose to your most valuable information assets. Your company has undoubtedly invested significant time,… Read More

5 Reasons Why You Need Our Litigation Support Services

In any legal matter or investigation, attorneys must gather a plethora of information during the process of discovery. Gathering and sorting through all of this information can take up a significant amount of your case preparation time. While you work on taking depositions, handling interrogatories and filling out a myriad of requests for various documents,… Read More

Discovery Tips for Government Investigations: Develop a cleaner process with these preemptive guides

By Daniel Meyler, Ryan Law Partners LLP and Anand R. DaHarry, Precision Discovery This article is for attorneys and in-house counsel involved in the e-discovery portion of an internal investigation or government subpoena. The commentary is meant to be general — it should apply to investigations involving the Office of Inspector General, the Department of… Read More

E-Discovery: Understanding The Process

The process of discovery has always been a complex and challenging process in litigation. Compiling relevant documents, taking and defending depositions, and responding to written interrogatories all must be completed with zealous advocacy for the client while balancing concepts of cooperation and proportionality. With most of the documents now in electronic format, attorneys have transitioned… Read More