By Jeremy Applebaum   What is Edge Computing? Unless you printed this article, you’re reading it on some electronic device. Do you know who owns the data that tracks what you’re reading? Is it stored on your device, through the app, somewhere else on the web? If you’re involved in litigation, can that information be… Read More

By Jeremy Applebaum   In January 2017, Samsung Electronics disabled the last of the recalled Galaxy Note 7 telephones.  This begs the question, do you really own your telephone, or does the provider own your telephone?  The same question may be relevant when your company is part of ongoing litigation.  Do you have control over… Read More

Judge Andrew Peck Gives a Stern Rebuke to Form Responses and Objections to Discovery Requests   In another discovery wake-up call, Judge Peck has issued a dire warning regarding Discovery responses and objections. That’s right! What is usually assigned to junior lawyers on a case is now front-and-center in Judge Peck’s courtroom. No one wants… Read More

Building a Production is Like Baking a Cake

What You Need to Know about Building and Changing Productions Finally! The review is done and the production is built, but WAIT! One more person wants to run “a few searches as a quick QC”. And now everyone involved in finalizing and building the production holds their breath hoping nothing changes. Why? Review and production… Read More

Simple Tips to Avoid Headaches and Delays in Document Productions

You’ve collected the data, you’ve reviewed the data, you’re ready to make a production, but your vendor or litigation support department keeps hounding you with questions. “Just produce it!” you want to scream, but you can’t. Here’s a primer on how to avoid the back and forth and back and forth so your production gets… Read More

Thoughts of Cubs, Baseball and Being Proactive

By Kinny Chan, Chief Customer Officer, Precision Discovery Even though I live in New York, I’ll admit that I breathed a sigh of relief and let out a cheer as I watched the Cubs defeat the Indians in the remarkable game seven of this year’s World Series. How could you not be happy for the… Read More

ESI, Electronic Discovery and Computer Forensics

Once a Litigation Hold has been issued, both parties in a legal matter or investigation are, of course, prohibited from destroying any documents or electronically stored information (ESI) that might be pertinent to the matter at hand. Still, ESI does have an uncanny knack for disappearing. It isn’t always a deliberate attempt to destroy evidence;… Read More

5 Reasons Why You Need Our Litigation Support Services

In any legal matter or investigation, attorneys must gather a plethora of information during the process of discovery. Gathering and sorting through all of this information can take up a significant amount of your case preparation time. While you work on taking depositions, handling interrogatories and filling out a myriad of requests for various documents,… Read More

E-Discovery: Understanding The Process

The process of discovery has always been a complex and challenging process in litigation. Compiling relevant documents, taking and defending depositions, and responding to written interrogatories all must be completed with zealous advocacy for the client while balancing concepts of cooperation and proportionality. With most of the documents now in electronic format, attorneys have transitioned… Read More