How Your Requests for Production Are Inadequate – And You May Not Even Know It

Proactive Discovery Series | Requests for Productions By Jeremy Applebaum Technology is changing rapidly and the days of simply requesting emails and documents, however thoughtfully and broadly defined, are long gone. When requesting “documents,” what you are really requesting are communications. So if “documents” are all that you are asking for in your Requests for Production… Read More

The First Place to Check with Production Received Problems

Proactive Discovery Series | Productions Received Explainer   A long-awaited production lands on your desk. You hand it off to the tech team for loading and analysis, but when the data are released for review, you notice that something isn’t right. Emails with attachments don’t seem to have any document family, or there are no Custodian values… Read More

Light it Up! Understanding the Format and Specifications of a Production

Proactive Discovery Series | Productions Received | Part 1 Document and data exchange in discovery is typically a two-way street: both sides are obligated to produce records to each other. Yet most eDiscovery blog posts, help articles and industry-marketing attention have focused on the processes used by the producing party to sift through massive amounts… Read More